Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Energy, Life and Elegance

Energy Life And Elegance

This is affirming natural abstract art.  It grabbed me immediately.  The message is positive.  I would like to think the image is elegant, full of life and energy.  There is strong movement from bottom left, up to the climax at top right.   Most of the shapes are soft, with just one crisp element.  The lines are strong, interesting and varied.  The colours are subdued and subtle.  It is less simple than usual, but there is no crowding. The tonal contrasts are strong without being jarring.  The composition appears to obey none of the normal rules – the main subjects of interest are well towards the edges.  There is no static balance, but the image seems stable – the strong shape at bottom left provides an anchor for the soft and flimsy shapes in other places.  

I am leaving it to the viewer to decide what the picture might mean. There are many possibilities.

The image is of the African flower Kalenchoe. I took it with the camera pointing into the light.

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