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Here is some balanced natural abstract art.  It is pure abstract.  There is no clear reference.  I captured it instinctively.  I find it satisfying.  The question is why? 

Explaining Balanced Abstract Art

As there is no reference, the attraction must lie in the composition.  This seems to be based on a square hanging from the top.  There is also a square based at bottom right.  There is a rising incline, giving energy.  This leads out of the picture.  I do not find this disconcerting.  Balanced on the incline, at the half way point, is a soft crescent. This is suggestive of the moon.  It breaks the incline, preventing it from becoming too assertive.  The moon always generates strong attractive feelings.

Beneath the incline is another crescent.  It echoes the first, but is horizontal.  Lines are crispest at the front of the picture, becoming quite soft at the back.  This gives recession.  The colours are all muted tones of mauve.  The strongest is at the front, again giving recession.  I like the combination of balance and order, coupled with a little movement.  I assume that such preferences come from my sub-conscious.

This is my rationalisation.  As an artist I have to hope that others will find my images satisfying.  I have no idea whether my analysis is valid.  I also do not know whether the ‘rules’ of composition are universal. 

Capturing the Image

The image is a high-magnification photograph of Phalaenopsis.  I took it looking into afternoon sunlight.  Everything is natural.  Light coming from the front into a complex flower generates many interesting shapes.  And sunlight is variable, minute to minute and day to day.  During any session hundreds of images will present themselves.  I capture very few.  I rarely take as many as five.

Other Images

There are many more images of this sort in the galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:  You can find another collection at my previous website at There you will find other examples of balanced natural abstract art.

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