Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

The Celebrant

Celebratory natural abstract art, from a close-up image of 'False Oat Grass'.

Here is some celebratory natural abstract art.  It is a close-up image of ‘False Oat Grass’, which is common in the ‘Wildhaven’ meadow.  The image is a companion to the Blog image of 25th November at

They are both photos of the same grass stem, but to me they convey quite different messages.  This one is celebrating, the earlier one was dancing.  I accept that they are related activities, but they do seem to show the scope of macro work.  The subject is very simple, but to me at least the two messages are strong and different.

Again, the image itself is also simple, in both form and colour. There is strong movement from bottom left to top right.  Other, lesser movements hold this in check, and keep us within the picture.   I am amazed at the way the image of a single grass stem can carry a likeness of a face, two arms, and two legs that look very powerful.   And, again, highlights that are not in focus provide ‘theatrical lighting’.  I know that some people frown upon leaving highlights in when they are not in focus. But I am happy to follow Rinko Kawauchi,  , and leave them in.   

I doubt whether I would have seen all this at the moment of capture.  I expect I would have simply reacted, in a fraction of a second, to the overall appeal of the image.

You can see some selected images in ten/ ,  and a more extensive collection in my galleries: You should find other examples of celebratory natural abstract art in these two places.

I make all of them available as signed, single-edition prints;  please see


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