Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Interacting Lines

Interacting Lines

Here is some curvilinear natural abstract art.   It is a close-up image of the Bamboo Orchid, Dendrobium.  I took it in natural light, from the shadow side of the flower.

This image is all about lines.  Artists love lines.  They don’t exist in Nature, but they are the basis of art.  

In this image they are all curved, reflecting their natural origins.  They are interacting with each other, sometimes over empty space.  There is an introduction in the bottom left corner; tentative to start with, but then incisive.  This leads to the main weight of the image, at top right.  A crisp line on the extreme right supports the main element, which is slightly soft.  So the movement is positive, upwards and towards the right.  This gives the energy which I always welcome.  I hope that there is also tension here; curved connectors also exert forces.

There is clearly no static balance here; but I hope the image is balanced dynamically.

The lower part of the image is pushing upwards, to balance the fact that the upper part is falling downwards. 

The colour scheme is very simple; tones of one hue, against the dark space that I love behind.  

There are two small regions of ‘cloud’, to contrast with the rest of the image. 

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