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Signs of Life

Signs of Life

Capturing Distinctive Moments

Distinctive Moments Photography.  This is a high-magnification photograph of Phalaenopsis.  The camera was pointing into afternoon sunlight.  I captured the image as soon as it appeared.  It is abstract, I trust.  I don’t think you could recognise it as Phalaenopsis.  You might recognise it as a flower.  

Why take it?  It has some depth.  A foreground and a background.  Depth is difficult to achieve in close-up photography.  I might have seen a small achievement there.

The background is well-enough defined to draw the eye forward.  It is also better lit. So, I think there is movement there, towards the top.  I may have got a sense of ‘uplift’. The foreground is fairly well-defined but disorganised.  Not attractive.  Ahead we can see something clear and simple. It has it’s own, simple, attraction. Beyond this feature we can see simply space. I find space vibrant. The image is inviting us out into the world. There is mystery out there.  There is promise, but no certainty.

Unconsciously, I have based the composition on three squares.  One is based on the bottom edge.  Another on the top edge.  The third on the top left-hand corner.  I am doing this analysis in retrospect.  This may have been the only image of a long series that seemed to have the right ‘balance’.  I have no idea how I came to make such decisions at the time.  They ’happen’.

It is important to me that the decision to take a photograph is as ‘unconscious’ as possible.  So, I don’t allow myself time to ‘think’.  I am trying to follow the teaching of Paul Klee

Other Examples

So, I hope that all my images are ‘distinctive moments photography’.  I have collected many of them in the galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:  They are all ‘natural’, in line with the ethos of this site also described on my ‘home’ page:

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