Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Into the Light

Into the Light

This is Escapist Natural Abstract Art.  It seems to show the exit from a cave, leading out into the light.  The light is tempting us outwards.  We will be free.  In the open air.  Life will surely be more adventurous out there.  Challenging and dangerous perhaps, but never dull.  Light will always draw us towards it.  Enlightenment will invigorate us. 

I think the image is dynamic.  Movement is from the right towards the centre.  As always, I am quite comfortable with the ’empty’ space.  This time it’s on the left.  Rothko was always happy with nominally flat spaces, as long as there was light and depth.  

Much of the interest occurs on a square based on the left-hand edge.  But, the image is unbalanced from the static point of view.  I hope that it is balanced dynamically.  I must have felt that the thrust towards the left carried the interest across the picture. Movement from right to left runs counter to the preferred motion of the eye.  This creates tension.  The movement is partly arrested by the verticals.  Such interactions should also create tension.  Finally, I find the long, serrated, upward curve very alluring.  It is the only feature in focus.

Capturing Natural Abstract Art

I took this image of Phalaenopsis at high magnification, looking into the light.   I would have captured it the instant it appeared. The lure of the light, the dynamism, and the sense of endeavour would have persuaded me.  The image is entirely natural, in line with the ethos of the site – I think it is also entirely abstract.  There is little reference to a flower here.  I am trying to use Phalaenopsis to generate images that are in line with those of Paul Klee and those of Frank Bowling.  

Other Examples

If you would like to see my other images, including examples of ‘escapist natural abstract art’ please visit the galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:

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