Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



Here is some exalted natural abstract art.  I am offering it for only one reason – I enjoy looking at it.  That is the only benchmark I have.

Given that this is an image of a flower, it is first of all mysterious. This is very important to me.  The image is also simple.  An undefined object, with high contrast and some detail, is being held aloft.  It lies, slightly to the left, on a square based on the bottom edge of the image.  While the region of interest is brightly lit, much of the object is in deep shadow.  A stable triangle provides support.  I think the image is balanced, without being static.  

Behind is mostly space, with light that is not explained, and some colour.  The colour scheme is simple; shades of Imperial Purple – a colour that seems to attract me.  

The image is a close-up image of Phalaenopsis.  I took it with the camera facing into the light.

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