Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

The Wandering Flame

The Wandering Flame

Here is some expansive natural abstract art, in the form of a close-up image of Kalanchoe.  I took it pointing the camera into occluded natural light. To me, it is of a flame that is trying to escape; to expand its horizons. 

The image is dark and thus invites close attention.  A casual glance will tell very little. 

I like this picture firstly because it is full of mystery.  It could be of anything but a flower.  It is also subtle.  There is nothing strident.  It is very simple.  There are just three features that draw the eye.  And for colour there are just shades of a single hue.  I like the fact that the image flows, grows, upwards from the bottom.  There is movement, but it is not violent, and is ever changing in direction.  So there is balance.  I like the fact that there is plenty of space here.  The flame has room to breathe.  The space is dark and luminous.  

In his painting ‘The Birth of the World’, Joan Miro wanted to convey a positive message.   He did this without the use of light tones or bright colours. Please see   I hope that my image here is also seen as conveying an upbeat message, despite the sombre tones. I also hope, as with Miro, that it would be seen as the product of the unconscious mind.

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