Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Redeeming Dawn

Expectant natural abstract art through high-magnification photography of Phalaenopsis

Producing Natural Abstract Art.

Here is an example of expectant natural abstract art.  It shows the redeeming dawn after Gotterdammerung.  We have suffered the Apocalypse.  Then followed the twilight of the gods.  Now comes the dawn comes, as in the legend.  Please see the previous three posts.  

The mood of the image is positive and optimistic.  The sky is now clear.  The dust clouds of the previous night have gone.  The sun is about to appear.  People can start planning their new lives.

To create the image, I photographed Phalaenopsis at high magnification.  I arranged for the camera to be pointing into the midday sun.  Searching  the flower, I found a petal that excited me.  The furthest edge was just catching the sun.  I focussed on individual pigment cells along that edge. Here this gives an indication of the rising sun. The ’sky’ of the image is a another flower. It is further away and out-of-focus.  I often focus across a petal, at something interesting beyond.  This creates a foreground and a point of interest.  I want to avoid ‘flatness’. High-magnification images often appear ‘flat’.  For other examples, please see and the galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page: on this site:

Humans should not take comfort from the legend of Gotterdamerung. We are destroying nature. Nature is our lifeline. We cannot live without it. It must be preserved. If we fail we may cause our own Apocalypse. And there may be no redeeming dawn. I try to play my part. All my images are natural. I photograph them naturally. I preserve wildlife. See We must get closer to nature.

Owning Abstract Art

I make all my images available. They come as single-issue high-quality prints.  Customers decide how to have them mounted and framed. I work to the highest standards.  Please see

You could own a unique example of expectant natural abstract art. Please contact me.


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