Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A


filigree natural abstract art from a close-up photo of Red Campion

This is filigree natural abstract art. It is an image of the female form of the wild flower ‘Red Campion’.  It is a delicate image.  We like strong things because they’re strong; delicate things because they’re delicate.  

There is a lot of detail here, but none of it is strident.  The softness brings unity. Nothing jars.  There is just a single centre of interest.  It is the brightest point, the focal point, and the region of greatest contrast.  This attracts the eye.  It is the only point where there is anything resembling a sharp edge. It is placed at a point of balance, so as to counter the large areas of softness. The colours are subtle – shades of pink, mid-grey, yellow-grey, and white.  All of these are present around the focal point.  

There is strong movement up and to the left, countered by the strong line up and to the right at the centre of interest.  Above this there is delicate tracery leading upwards.  The textured rod, which is the style of the flower, leads off to the left, but not in a strident way.  The purpose of the style is to collect pollen.  So, there is plenty of movement and life.

I hope you will see the image as mysterious.  It is clearly of a certain flower, but at the same time much of it is abstract.

You will find many similar images in the ones I have selected at ten/, in my galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:, and in my second website at, You should find many examples of filigree natural abstract art there.

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