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florid natural abstract art, though a photo of silence dioica

Here is some florid natural abstract art.  My first thought when I saw it was ‘Flamenco Dress’.  I always welcome allusions to the art of dance in my images.  This one seems to mimic the flaring of the dress during dramatic movements of the dance.  Flamenco is both stately and energetic, so it is right that the weight of the image is towards the bottom.

The image is simple.  There are just three main shapes, of different sizes.  I like the strong movement, down and to the right, balanced by a minor thrust up and to the right.  The main shape has crisp edges and contrasting soft ones. The crux of the two movements is on a sharp edge.  There is also some sharp detail within the main shape. 

This image is a photo of the wild flower Silene dioica, or ‘Red Campion’.  It is one of the flowers now firmly established in the meadow at my wildlife haven ‘Wildhaven’.  There are both male and female forms of the flower.  The male flower has a very neat white centre.  The female version has an array of long white styles.  This image is of the female flower.  A tiny fragment of a style appears at the bottom, on the left.  The shape is ragged in places, which is typical of this family of flower.  A flower called ‘Ragged Robin’ is a close relative.  

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