Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Natural Arch

graceful natural abstract art, from an image of the 'Bamboo Orchid'

Here is some graceful natural abstract art.  The image is simple; except at the point where the curves interact.  This is the region that draws the eye.  It points towards the top of the picture – we have to look up, which is what we should be doing.

I like the curves in the lines, showing the image it is based on nature.  There is strong contrast between sharp lines and blurred lines.  The sharp lines are dominant, even though they take up little of the area.  This gives balance.  

There is strong movement upwards.  The message is positive, up-lifting.  But the movement fades well clear of the upper edge; so we stay within the picture.  Beyond, there is inviting, mysterious space.  

There seems to be ‘poise’ here.  The structure consists of a triangle based on the bottom edge.  This should be stable.  But the left-hand base of the triangle is soft.  So there is an indication of movement to the right, just about to happen. The lines also curve to the right, adding to this feeling. This gives life.  

The image is a close-up photo of the ‘Bamboo Orchid’.  I took it in natural light.  This orchid grows naturally throughout South-East Asia.    

I am showing several similar images in my selection ‘Top Ten’.  Please go to ten/. My galleries contain many more such images.  Please go to the galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:  There are even more similar pictures in my second website at .  I aim to provide many examples of graceful natural abstract art.  

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