Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



Honest Abstract Photograph

This is a close-up image of Phalaenopsis petals. The image alludes to a swimmer in the sea. It is honest abstract photography. We are rising to the surface.  I wanted to express the freedom, and the freshness of the sea.  We are entering the state of being unconstrained.  The ‘wake’ of bubbles are most important feature here.  Such an interaction of air and water conveys a sense of carefree activity. 

At this magnification, and working hand-held, an image such as this will be ‘there’ and ‘valid’ for only a fraction of a second. I had to take it straight away. This is distinctive moments photography. 

The image is abstract. You would not see it as a flower.  I took it under natural conditions and did not change it later.  This is honest abstract photography.

I have not found anyone else who takes photographs of flowers that look like this.  It is distinctive and original nature photography.  

Finding the Image

The magnification of this image is about 4X.  You need to do a lot of searching to find an such an image, and then there is the question of focus.  I ‘wanted’ the ‘wake’ of bubbles to be prominent, and with a ‘depth of field’ of less that 0.1 millimetres, there is little prospect of getting anything else in focus.  I aim to be a challenging nature photographer.

Why did I take it? I believe that I had a deep-seated longing to be present in the situation that is being shown.

The image is of the petals of a Phalaenopsis flower. I pointed the camera towards natural sunlight.  I find that this lighting arrangement generates interesting images, with plenty of variation, minute by minute and day by day. 

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