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Dawn in the Mountains

Dawn in the Mountains

Capturing Abstract Art

This is invigorating natural abstract art.  Dawn in the mountains is a favourite theme.  The ideas of dawn and of mountains are both energising.  It is clearly cold and fresh, which adds to the impact.  The emphasis is on something entirely natural and uncorrupted.  So, I hope that it is not only natural but appears to be natural.  This is important to me. See There will be more examples of this sort of image in the galleries at the bottom of that page.   

Phalaenopsis as Abstract Art

The image is a high-magnification photograph of Phalaenopsis.  The theme of this website is that there is much abstract art concealed, undiscovered, in Nature.  As part of this, I want to show that there are many, many distinct images that I can get  from a single flower.  Less is more.  I have promised myself that when I cannot find something new to say about Phalaenopsis I will turn to some thing else.

Seeking a Truth through Abstract Art

Diane Arbus has said that repeatedly photographing any one object leads you to a truth about it.  It would be nice if this was so.  I would like to know a truth about Phalaenopsis.  I hope also that in doing this I am responding to the ideas of Wassily Kandinsky. He is seen as the originator of abstract art.  He maintained that his work was a representation of his spirit.  I can’t emulate that.  Instead, I hope I am uncovering the spirit of Phalaenopsis.   My experience is that in every session I discover something new.  But I also discover a different mood within the flower.  Here it is being cold and austere, leading to a piece of invigorating natural abstract art.  

Finding Complexity

As with most of my images, I took this one looking into afternoon sunlight.  I can then take advantage of many un-expected effects.  The sunlight, every changing, finds its way through the complexities of the flower in many different ways.  Here is one of them.  Working at high magnification masks the fact that the subject is a flower.  

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