Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A


Lucid natural abstract art, taken from an image of Red Campion

Natural Abstract Art.

I am calling this lucid natural abstract art.  It is a photo of the wild flower ‘Red Campion’.  It is abstract, but the colour, and the curved, textured rod tell you that it is the female form of Red Campion. 

The artist Frank Auerbach often used abstraction to bring out key features in the nature of his sitters. I aim to do the same.  I find his portraits very telling. 


Plants that had flowers were the first species to use two genders to produce offspring.  When humans want to produce offspring the two sexes have to attract each other.  Flowers, instead, have to attract insects such as bees.  In the case of the Campions, a male flower has to attract a bee to collect the pollen, and the female flower has to attract the same bee to transfer the pollen.   The ‘rod’ in the picture is called the style of the flower. It is where the female flower collects the pollen.


In the image, I like the dominant movement from bottom left to top right. It is clearly positive, and the picture has energy.  The movement includes the style, the key feature.  The image of the style fades towards the top.  So, the movement does not go strongly out of the frame.  The main movement is balanced by a counter movement towards top left.  There is plenty of detail, but this does not seem to intrude.  You can look at it as you wish, after you have taken in the main theme. 

I like the fact that the style is the only point of focus.  All else is soft and supportive.

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