Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Guiding Light

Guiding Light

Here is some luminous natural abstract art.  It is a close-up image of Phalaenopsis.  I took it looking into occluded natural light.  

A flame is a symbol of faith, comfort and hope.  For many centuries it was the only source of light, besides the sun and the moon.  It was such a strong symbol that there were many attempts to produce ‘eternal flames’.  And people often kept them alight for decades or longer.  It was often a ‘guiding light’. So you can see why this image attracted me.  

The picture is very simple, with just three main elements.  There is also mystery here.   Very little is explained.  The background is dark, and full of intrigue.  There is something behind the flame, being lit up.  But what is it?  Where is the flame coming from?  What is it burning?  There are just some shapes to guide us, but not well defined.  

The colouring is simple, but also subtle.  Shades of pink mauve, a colour that promotes activity.  The flame lies on a square based on the right-hand edge.  The base of the flame lies on a square based in the top left hand corner. 

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