Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

The Violinist

The Violinist

Melodic Abstract Art.

Here is some melodic natural abstract art.  It is a close-up image of the flower Kalanchoe, a native of Africa. I was pointing the camera into occluded natural light.

I value greatly any of my images that refer to other art forms.  As soon as I considered this one it was clear that it showed someone playing the violin. The position of the right hand, and of the left hand seem right, and the tightly-stretched strings.  This thinking happened quickly, but only after I had decided to capture the image.  

So what first caught my eye?  I am always attracted to signs of tension, and that is clearly present, in the centre of the image.  I like highlights, where light catches individual cells in the surface of the flower.  They are clearly here. I like ‘lost and found’ lines.  I like movement, and there is strong movement here towards the top right.  It is held in check by the strong curved accent at the bottom, which is clearly moving across the main direction.  So I think there is dynamic balance.  Perhaps above all, there is mystery.  So what does it mean to you the viewer?

Looking at the composition; all the main action sits in a square based on the bottom edge.  A square base on the top edge passes through the main interest, the ‘strings’.

There are three main items of interest, plus one that is less well defined.  This might be slightly too many, but I can’t see which one could be removed.  

I think this illustrates well the potential of working in extreme close up.  Please see  


I make all my images available as high-quality, single-edition, prints;  please see You will find other examples of melodic natural abstract art in my galleries, and in my ‘selection’, at ten/.

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