Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



Here is some natural poised abstract art.  As usual, I took it, without thought, as soon as it appeared.  So, as I often do, I have to ask: why?  What compelled me? Let’s see why I might have liked it. 

I like the fact that the image is simple.  There are just three elements; and there are just simple shades of a single colour.  I like the poise –  the way that the central curve balances, very delicately, on the lower one.  This balance is, I think, dynamic rather than static, but I am sure that balance is there.  A third curve looks on from behind.  

The composition leads the eye in from the left, to the junction of the middle and bottom curves.  Attention is then swept upwards; but it is prevented from going out of the picture by the firm action of the top curve. 

I like the fact that there are small areas of detail, contrasted with large regions of softness.  I like the way in which the gentle touch of the middle curve on the lower one contrasts with the forceful interaction of the top two.

The image, although abstract, is clearly organic.  The colour is the comforting one of flesh.  The completed shapes, of which the curves are part, could be those of eggs or wombs.  Comfort again.   

I took the image, in close-up, looking into the light.  The subject is the flower Kalanchoe, a native of Africa.  

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