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natural prescient abstract art

Producing Natural Abstract Art.

This is an example of natural prescient abstract art.  The apocalypse has happened.  This is the aftermath of the aftermath.  Gotterdammerung is the twilight of the gods.  Everything has been destroyed in the struggle. The dying sun lights up the dust-filled air and the scorched earth.

The legend of the apocalypse is highly relevant, given the present state of the world.  Human beings seem to be positively inviting a catastrophe, of one sort or another.  In the legend, Gotterdammerung leads to a glorious dawn, (see next blog). Then there is and an era of regeneration.  Do we want to rely on that?

The image is a high-magnification photograph of Phalaenopsis.  I took it looking into afternoon sunlight.  It would have come into the viewfinder during a long search.  Its significance was apparent immediately.  I needed only to make sure that the horizon was in focus.  I could not have anticipated it at the beginning of the search.  It is another example of the way in which high-magnification photography produces totally unexpected images.  Please see:-

The image is completely natural.  I want to show through my work that the natural world is still full of artistic potential.  My subject matter is extremely restricted, but I have no difficulty coming up with new images.  I hope this makes my point. For more of my images please see the galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page: I think you will find plenty of variety there.

The current image also, I hope, will prompt people to question aspects of their lifestyles.  Can we justify the risks we are taking with the wellbeing of the planet? Do we want to risk Gotterdammerung? Is prescient natural abstract art persuasive in any way?

Owning Abstract Art

If you find my work interesting please contact me (top right).  I supply my images as single-issue, high-quality prints, mounted and framed to the highest standards.  Please see –


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