Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A


opportunistic natural abstract art, from a close-up image of the 'Bamboo Orchid'.

This is opportunistic natural abstract art.  I see it as a totally positive image.  It seems  to portray ‘getting away from things’.  Doing something new.  Something exciting.  Taking risks.  

There is a sense of the purity of space here.  Getting away from our ailing planet.  I regret, deeply, that we would see any joy in doing this.  

The image is very simple – there are just two main elements. These are powerful, but soft.  The softness seems to add to their impact. They are both going in the same direction, with equal vigour, so we have a choice.  There is also a very pale minor element vying for attention.  The darkness of space behind is exciting.

I like the positive sense of movement – up and to the right.  The colours are simple but invite vigour.  I welcome the fact that there is high detail, but it is well hidden – a secret.           

The image is a close-up photo of the ‘Bamboo Orchid.  I took it in occluded natural light.  The camera was pointing towards the source of light. So we are in the shadow side of the flower, with light getting through the petals in ways we don’t expect.  This is a good example of the potential of close-up photography.  Please see

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