Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A


Paradoxical natural abstract art, through high-magnification photography of Phalaenopsis

Capturing Natural Abstract Art.

Some paradoxical natural abstract art. This image is puzzling. So, it is therefore precious.  I value mystery.  It is entitled ‘ribbons’.  But, the main ’ribbon’ is actually a gap between petals.  The play of light and the complexity of the flower has confused us.  Several overlapping petals contribute to the confusion.  This is an example of what artists call ’negative shapes.  By definition, negative shapes are abstract in nature.

I took the image at high magnification, looking into the light.   Both aspects contribute to the ambiguity.  High magnification often leads to unexpected results This is a good example.  In addition, the light illuminating the petals has found its way through the complexity of the flower. This is the result of looking into afternoon sunlight. It leads to great variability.  So, there are complex patterns of light and shade.

I think the composition is both stable and energetic.  There is a square based on the bottom of the image.  There is strong movement diagonally upwards.  This movement takes the viewer out of the picture.  I am always comfortable with this.  I like my images to be preludes to adventure.  The colour scheme is very simple and restrained.  There are several shades of mauve. These are contrasted again a minor band of green.  There are three main shapes, of differing size.

The subject of the image is Phalaenopsis. So, the subject is natural. It was photographed naturally.  This is in line with the theme of my site. Most of the photographs here are of Phalaenopsis.  The main reason for this is that the flowers last for so long.  I can make detailed studies, lasting for months.  Diane Arbus advocated such extended studies as a way of uncovering truth.

I have included many other images of this sort in my galleries

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