Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Finding The Way

Surgical Intervention

Here is some pioneering natural abstract art.  It features three of my main themes.  There is mystery, endeavour, and challenge.

We need to reach the light.  We will have to go though a narrow gap.  Then we will have to negotiate a transition.  We have no idea what this might involve.  Finally, we reach the light.  Once there, we will be going out of the picture.  I often like to direct my viewers out into the wide open world. Unlike many photographers, I have no desire to capture people.  I prefer my images to be the start of an adventure.  What is out there?  I want to provoke thoughts.

The picture is of an orchid, Phalaenopsis.  I took it at high-magnification, looking into afternoon sunlight.  At this magnification only a small slice of the view will be in focus.  This is how I produced just the small area of definition.  The subject is natural, photographed naturally.  I hope this is apparent.

I would have taken the image during a long search.  It is very rare to find interesting images straightaway.  Out of many images, I picked on this one.  I hope this was simply instinctive.  The image is not easy to interpret.  It must have meant something to me at the time. Like Paul Klee, I am trying to respond to my sub-conscious – please see

I make all my images available as high-quality prints. This includes this example of pioneering natural abstract art. All my prints are single editions. I sign just one, and make no copies. My customers get to decide on mounting and framing. I insist only that everything is done to high standards. Please see

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