Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

The Evening of the Apocalypse

prescient natural abstract art through high-magnification photography of Phalaenopsis

Capturing Natural Abstract Art

Here is a piece of prescient natural abstract art.  It shows the aftermath of the apocalypse.  Piles of rubble stand in place of everything that once had importance.  Dust fills the air.  The dying sun lights up the sky in a pink-purple glow.  Streams of sparks soar upwards.  All normal activity has ceased.  

The image is a high-magnification image of Phalaenopsis, taken looking into afternoon sunlight.  It is entirely natural.  The only decision I had to take was to make sure that he ascending streamer on the right was in focus. The image follows on from my previous blog image, showing the apocalypse itself, with people escaping.  My next blog image will show the aftermath of the aftermath, Gotterdamerung, the twilight of the Gods.  After that, as in the legend, there will be an image of the new dawn, the start of regeneration.

The images that can come up in high-magnification photography sometimes surprise me.  This particular one is a good example.  I would not  have been able to anticipate anything like it at the beginning of the session.   So, is it particularly remarkable?  Or does it succeed because it allows the imagination free rein?   I have often said that I would like viewers to come to their own conclusions about what my images mean.  So, for this one in particular I would like to know of any alternative titles.  I need to say here that my suggested title came to me immediately.  

Other examples and explanations of high-magnification images can be found in and in the galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:

The Value of Natural Art

To me perfectly natural abstract images are precious.  I want my images to end up with the same status as paintings.  So, I make only one print of any image.  I sign it, and then mount and frame it to the highest possible standards.  Please see To ensure authenticity my images are registered with the Guild Society of Artists. If you are interested in my example of prescient natural abstract art pleas contact me. See top right.


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