Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

The Primordial Tree

The Primordial Tree

Here is some primordial natural abstract art.  It is a close-up image of the Bamboo Orchid.  I took it pointing the camera into occluded light.  

I have given the image this title because it looks as if it might have been the very first, very simple, tree.  The image is composed almost entirely of single cells in the surface of petals.  There is just a faint hint of the body of the flower.    

Trees are incredibly important to us.  They have been on earth much, much longer that we have; they were well-established long before we arrived.  Since then they have provided us with air to breath, somewhere safe to live; food; fuel; fertiliser; building material; weapons.  We speak, tellingly, of the tree of life, of family trees, and of logic trees. 

Trees are elegant. They clothe many landscapes in a way we find pleasurable, and have been an inspiration to countless artists.  We love the variation they show; over a season, and between different types. 

They are now seen as perhaps our most telling counter to global heating.  But we are chopping them down.

The image is very simple; a gentle sinuous curve climbing upwards.  There is just one small excursion.  With dark, mysterious space behind, the image does not, to me, appear empty.  I trust that it appealed directly to my imagination, with no scope for rational thought.  I hope that this is how Paul Klee would have us work.

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