Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Escaping the Apocalypse

prophetic natural abstract art produced by high-magnification photography of Phalaenopsis

Producing Abstract Art

Here is some prophetic natural abstract art.  The image involves two ideas – that the apocalypse will one day befall us; but, that some of us will escape.  I expect there is, at the back of the minds of many, the fear that one day something dreadful will happen.  The newspapers are telling us that such fears are justified.  But then we all hope that there will be at least a slim chance of escaping.  

The image is high-magnification image of Phalaenopsis, taken looking into afternoon sunlight.  At this magnification the eye is of little help in finding interesting images.  So I have to explore the Phalaenopsis using the lens, searching for something outstanding.  

So this image would have come up on the viewfinder as one of a series of arbitrary, prosaic images, of little interest.  As soon as it appeared it I knew what it signified, and I knew I had to capture it.  In that fraction of a second I also knew that the rocket must be made visible but not prominent.  The apocalypse must appear overwhelming; and the viewer must be made to put in some effort to find the means of escape.  So I made the sliver of light representing the rocket just slightly out of focus.

In my galleries I have presented many other examples of natural abstract photographic art. They are at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:

The Value of Natural Abstract Art

The subject here is natural, photographed in an entirely natural way.  Such things are important to me – Given the way in which we are desecrating the natural world I would hope that examples of prophetic natural abstract art would be seen as precious.  My aspiration is that the prints I produces would have the same status as paintings.  So I produced all my prints as single editions; no copies are made.  I sign them, and then mount them and frame them to the highest standards.  Please see –

To ensure authenticity I register my images with the Guild Society of Artists.


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