Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Taking a Rest

recuperative natural abstract art, from a close-up image of the orchid Dendrobium nobile.

I’m calling this ‘recuperative natural abstract art’.   It is a macro image of the orchid Dendrobium nobile.  I took it with the camera pointing into occluded light.

Needing Recuperative Abstract Art.

On the long trek up the mountain, we need a resting place.  Here it is.  It is the only part in focus. It is in the upper half of the image, so the sense is one of a movement upwards.  But movement is a bit of a puzzle here.  To me it seems to be up and towards the left.  This is against the normal movement of the eye.  I have to accept that this may be bias on my part.  It was how I saw the image in the fraction of a second when taking the picture.  (All my images are taken in a small moment of surprise to me.)  You may see it differently.  If so please comment. (Top Right.)

I like images that refer to resolute attempts to overcome difficulty.  Also, ones that recognise that we often need respite.  I presume that this is a thought which is deeply embedded in my subconscious.  This would explain why so many of my images are of long treks, often involving mountains.  Please see my galleries at  You should find other examples of recuperative natural abstract art there.  I hope that I am doing this out of respect for artists such as Paul Klee and Joan Miro.  Please go to, input Klee and/or Miro, then scan through what is available.

By Way of Explanation

The bright spots in the image are individual cells in the surface of the petals.  The appearance of individual cells is typical of photos of flowers at this high magnification.  Behind there is deep space. 


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