Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

A Meeting of Lines

A Meeting Of Lines

I would like you, the viewer, to see this as empathic natural abstract art.  It is a close-up image of the orchid Dendrobium, in occluded natural light.  When taking the photo I was pointing the camera into the light.*

The image has much of what I look for in a picture.  It is abstract.  There is tension.  It is simple. There are just two colours and two shapes. There is mystery.  The background is dark, vibrant, luminous space.  The lines are crisp, delicate, slightly curved, ‘lost and found’. They are clearly of natural origin.  There are sharp contrasts.  The two elements are not equal, but I think they are balanced.   There is the suggestion of a mass.  The main line meets this mass at a key point.   It is where the square based on the top edge meets a square based in the corner at bottom right. There is motion, and a little energy here.  I find the gentle downward curves empathic and relaxing.  To me the whole image signifies the gentle touching of a body.  Overall,  it seems to resonate with an earlier blog, at  

You, the viewer, may see it differently. 

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* I have justified this way of taking pictures in .


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