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Here is some subliminal natural abstract art.  It is a close-up image of Kalanchoe; that is, it is a picture of a flower.  To me it looks like drapery.

Drapery has been common in master paintings for hundreds of years.  Artists often use it to convey subliminal messages.  This is possible because drapery is required in a painting so often that it goes un-noticed. It is an ’abstract’ feature, and can convey ‘ideas’, in the same way that purely abstract work does now, in the modern era.

Graham Norton Dixon provides some examples, in the April 2016 edition of ‘Christie’s Magazine’.  Consider ’The Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli. The cloak that is being brought to Venus carries a succinct but complete statement of the way in which her life is about to change.  In van der Weden’s ‘Descent from the Cross’, Mary’s cloak is almost purely abstract. It scarcely reveals that it conceals a human figure.  It’s role is to convey the sense that the action is about to move away from the base of the cross. 

Duccio, who was from Sienna, a city famed for its textiles, was keen, in his paintings, to show the opulent nature of drapery.  Giotto, on the other hand, wanted his drapes to explain the themes of his pictures.  In his painting, ‘The Kiss of Judas’, Judas’s cloak virtually envelops the figure of Christ.  This is to guide us to what will happen next.

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