Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Subtle Colours and Shapes

Subtle Colours and Shapes

Here is some Sympathetic Natural Abstract Art.

Capturing Natural Abstract Art

The image is a photograph of the orchid Phalaenopsis at high magnification. I took it looking directly into afternoon sunlight. It would have appeared during a long search. Many arbitrary images would have appeared. I would have captured it immediately, without thinking. I expect this would be because of the strong composition, the soft subtlety of the organic shapes, and the delicacy of the colour scheme. The pastel colours are a result of looking into the light.

The composition is that of a square based on the bottom of the picture, and second square, to the left, based on the first square. To me that seems simple but effective. I like the subject of the picture to be high up, and I prefer vertical arrangements – they seem to be more active.

All this is purely instinctive.

The image is slightly un-usual for me, because it is clearly of a flower; I usually make sure that that is not so. It also includes the stalk – usually I see the stalk as being too stark and assertive amongst the softness of the petals. I hope that it is not obviously of Phalaenopsis – I want to be able to claim it as abstract.

My Aims

I aim in my work to follow the examples set by Kandinsky, Klee, Mondrian, Rothko and Pollock. Kandinsky wanted his images to be based on spiritual influences; I hope he would see something of the spirit of Phalaenopsis in the image. Paul Klee wanted his pre-conscious mind to be the arbiter of his images; I hope he would see this image as having been chosen by my pre-conscious. The composition is, I hope, statically un-balanced, dynamically balanced. In this I would be seeking Mondrian’s approval. The image has plenty of light in it, of which I hope Rothko and Pollock would approve.

To find many more similar images please go to at the bottom of the ‘home’ page: I have tried to justify the need for this type of image in my article

I hope you enjoy this example of sympathetic natural abstract art.

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