Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Theatrical Art

Theatrical Art

This is Theatrical Natural Abstract Art.  To me it depicts a violent dawn, following a traumatic night.  We are left to wonder what made the night traumatic; but it is now dawn, so we can start afresh.

The human race is under severe stress at the moment; nights will be traumatic; dawns a welcome call to try again, with perhaps an element  of hope.  There will be much confusion.

This image has many of the elements I seek; sharp, deep contrasts; delicately defined lines; mysterious lights; subtle colours that are difficult to describe, somewhere between purple and grey; energy and movement; a restlessness; a lack of static balance; mystery.

The orchid Phalaenopsis is the subject of the image.  The lighting is natural, but occluded so as to generate deep contrasts.  The camera is pointing into the light.  The flower is between the camera and the source of the light.

You will be able to find other examples of theatrical natural abstract art in my selection at ten/, and in my galleries, at  .  I make all my images available as single-edition prints.   Please see  Before any sale, I guarantee the authenticity of my images by registering them with the Guild Society of Artists, at

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