Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A


uplifting natural abstract art, from a close-up image of Kalanchoe

I hope this is uplifting natural abstract art.  It seems to have a strong positive feel to it.  There is plenty of life here.  I like the energy in the sinuous motion from bottom left to top right.  There is a foreground figure, with some sharp edges; and, by way of contrast, a soft background figure.  The foreground figure appears to be launching the background figure.  Does this represent the present and the future?  If so, there is only uncertain progress ahead, with a lot of darkness, but also much light.  

The image is a close-up photo of the flower Kalanchoe, a native of Africa. There are just three main shapes in the picture, all of different sizes.  The colour scheme is simple, but with deep contrasts.

I hope that I captured the image because it appealed, very quickly, to my subconscious.   One of my aims is to learn from the example of Paul Klee  All visual experience is an illusion. I want to follow my subconscious, and reject rational thought when taking images.  I am attracted to the concept of ‘endeavour’ or ‘struggle’.  The human race is, at the moment at the beginning of a long struggle.  The idea of a long fight gainst powerful forces is a constant theme in Frank Bowling’s work:   

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