Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Floral Fantasy

whimsical natural abstract art, from a close-up image of Dendrobium nobile

Whimsical, Natural and Abstract.

Here is some whimsical natural abstract art.  It is an extreme macro shot of the orchid Dendrobium nobile.  I took it looking into natural light.

It shows how complex ‘simple’ flowers are.  The twists and turns and ruffles appear to be the stuff of fantasy.  There is extreme detail near the centre of the image. This shows that there is nothing ‘smooth’ about the edges of a petal.  They appear to be furry, if not serrated.  

Is It Art?

I have to think whether it works as a work of art. The curves are complex, and clearly organic and natural.  There is life and movement here, from bottom left to top right.  There is a region of extreme detail near the centre of the image, but the ‘climax’ appears to be the sharp ‘point’ at top right.  (The ‘point’ is not actually a point; the petal is turning away from us and showing an edge).  Movement in the top third of the image is downwards to wards the same ’climax’. There are plenty of movements that counter the main ones, so there is dynamic tension. 

 A square based on the top edge of the image passes through the region of greatest detail.  The ‘climax’ lies roughly on a square based on the bottom edge.  So I think the image is balanced and stable.   

It is of a white flower in midday light, so is essentially monochrome.  As a great admirer of Sir Don McCullin I am always torn by the thought that black-and white images carry the greater authority.  I am often tempted to photograph only in monochrome.  This image solves the problem for me!


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