Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Departing with Elegance

wistful natural abstract art, fro a close-up image of False Oat Grass.

This is wistful natural abstract art.  It is a close-up image of False Oat Grass.  This grass is common in the ‘Wildhaven’ meadow, as it is throughout Europe.  I pointed the camera down into the darkness of the undergrowth.  A strong contrast  with the delicate subject is the key to this image..

I love the wistful, bitter-sweet nature of this photo.  The plant has flowered, and then produced and dispersed its seeds.  Its mission is complete.  It is now floating in the air, departing in the direction of top right.  It is now delicate and fragile, but still elegant.  All its lines are still crisp.  I like the way the image fades towards the top.  The exit will be dignified.  A decline rather than an abrupt stop.

The base of the subject is on a square based on the upper edge of the image.  But, there is no static balance here; the image is clearly moving.  The main movement is up and towards the right, but in a rhythmic, broken line.  The boldest part of the figure is inclined towards the left, to give some dynamic balance.   The crispest part is vertical.  

The colouring is subtle and quite cool, as would be expected for dried-out grass. Any richness has departed.  I think it is quite abstract; not obviously a grass.  

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