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A Flight of Fancy

A Flight of Fancy

This as an example of natural abstract photographic art. I hope that Paul Klee would see it as such. It seems to capture the idea of having a clear thought, after a period of confusion. I found the crisp yellow accent attractive straight away. It stands out well from the pink background. The background is not distinct. It shows signs of turbulence. The structure is satisfactory. There are significant features on the two main squares.

The image shows how abstract art can arise in close-up natural photography. The yellow of the accent is actually out of focus. It comes from the colour of the anthers, which bear pollen. Their blurred image is being seen through the gap between two petals. The focus is on the edges of the petals, keeping the accent sharp. All the rest of the flower is in soft focus. The very narrow depth of field, which is a feature of close-up photography, means that the whole image appears to lie on a flat surface; there is no depth. So the camera is making its own, distinct, contribution to abstraction. The question of whether you should try to make two dimensions look like three has been a discussed by artists for decades.

The image is of a natural form, photographed naturally. Please see It is abstract. It is art carrying a message.

To see my justification for producing natural abstract photographic art in this way, please go to For many images similar to this please see the galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:

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