Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

I want to persuade humans to get closer to Nature, and I would like Artists to lead the way.


Hello; welcome to my website! I would like to get you interested in Nature as a source of Abstract Art.

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I aim to be an original nature photographer; I want to be challenging, original and distinctive, producing abstract art based on detailed Nature photographs.

When exploring nature at high-magnification, you must capture interesting images immediately, or you are likely to lose them. All my images come as a surprise to me. So, to me, this is distinctive moments photography.

Human Beings Have Created A Problem

Human beings are close to destroying Nature. But it is our only lifeline. If we are to survive we need to reverse the trend. Everyone must contribute. Artists must insist that Nature is the source of all Art. It must not be lost.

My Contribution

I want to make both a practical and an artistic contribution.

Twenty years ago I created a small Nature Reserve, “Wildhaven”, described below. This is my practical contribution.


The “Wildhaven” meadow in Springtime. The flowers are Red Campion, (Silene dioica), which flower in early May and stay until Meadow Cranes-bill (Geranium pratense) comes out in June.


This shows the ‘Wildhaven’ Flower Meadow in mid-summer. The flowers are Geranium Pratense.


Apart from being a wild-life reserve, “Wildhaven” captures and stores about ten tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

Natural Abstract Art

Natural Abstract Art is my Artistic Contribution.

Being ’Natural’ is essential. Being ’Abstract’ gives scope for saying something challenging, distinctive, original. I aim to show that there is enormous artistic potential still hidden in Nature.

To see the evidence, please go to my Galleries –

Artistic Ambition

I would like to be walking in the footsteps of Paul Klee; denying the truth of visual experience; exploring the preconscious mind.

I also want to learn from living artists like Frank Bowling. He has strong views about the world. He expresses them by shedding all inhibitions. I need to do the same.

I aspire to being an artist rather than a photographer, but the photographer I admire most is Rinko Kawauchi.

Website Contents

You will find here many abstract images. They each convey a message. They are all close-ups of flowers; but, how would you know?

Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium

Roughly two thirds of my images are of the orchid Phalaenopsis. The rest are of the orchid Dendrobium, except for one image of Geranium Pratense, and a few images of Kalanchoe.

The Theme of the Site

You can say many things by taking magnified images of natural forms.

Other Sites

If you are interested in images of flowers, with less emphasis on the ‘abstract’, please go to my second website,

If you are interested in ‘botanical’ images of flowers, or of the country-side and waterways of Oxfordshire, please go to


"Wildhaven" is a small Nature Reserve, half meadow, half woodland. It is the home to English trees, wild flowers and grasses; to owls, kites, woodpeckers, crows, song-birds, finches; to foxes, rabbits, deer, hedgehogs, rats, mice, voles and moles; to beetles and centipedes; to butterflies, damsel-flies, bees, moths and hover-flies.

It is being maintained without the use of either power-tools or chemicals. It has been the source of much of my art.

Capturing Natural Abstract Art is a challenge. Once found and captured it is precious.

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