Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

How i work

Natural Abstract Art

Art is emotional communication; I want to communicate. Please visit my ‘TOP TEN’, or my blog, at, or visit my galleries at

My images are natural abstract art. The subject matter is natural. I take photos in a natural way.

I seek honest abstract photography. I make no changes after capture.

My pictures are abstract in that they do not resemble the subject matter.

They are Art because they carry emotional messages.

Being Natural is important to me. The human race needs to move back much closer to Nature in order to survive. I want to produce fine art natural abstract photography.

Floral Riot; Geranium endressii at High Magnification

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I work at high magnification in order to achieve abstraction. Artists have not fully explored magnified images of Natural forms. This is an opportunity to produce challenging abstract photography.  I use no tricks, and my images are as I saw them when I took them.  This really is honest abstract photography.

I take pictures in a way that is deliberately unpredictable.  At high magnification extreme detail re-defines reality.  A stream of mostly meaningless images appear in the viewfinder.  Occasionally one excites the imagination.  It must be captured immediately, without thinking.  I hope that by working in this way I am accessing my pre-conscious mind.  In this I am trying to follow Paul Klee .

So my images are of things I didn’t know and can’t imagine. As they are based on instant perceptions, I hope they are ambiguous. I want the viewer to contribute. Given that they are of flowers, but don’t resemble flowers, they illustrate the arbitrary nature of what it is we think we see.

Stone-Age artists, and following them, Turner, Cezanne and Picasso, all knew that to emphasise the ‘intensity of experience’ you need to resort to the abstract; You can portray reality only by departing from reality. This is what I do. I would like my work to qualify as fine art abstract photography.

I hope my images resonate with other Art forms; music, poetry, the ballet. I value particularly the concept of ‘poise’ – a movement about to happen.

My images are of the camera, not the eye. This is important to me; if photography is to be valid as an art form the camera must be allowed to find its voice. For this reason, I do not manipulate images electronically; my aim is honest abstract photography

The nature of my work dictates that I am usually close to the technical limits of the camera, struggling to achieve acceptable images. I believe that my best images arise as the result of such struggles.  This is what makes it challenging abstract photography.

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When I was in my late teens I was told to choose between the Arts and the Sciences. I resolved to do both. So, I am now both an artist and a scientist. As a scientist I know than human beings are heading for serious trouble. I have worked with other scientists to try to do something about this, helping to clean up some of the world’s dirtier places. So, then, what is there to do as an artist?

I want to persuade humans to get closer to Nature, and I would like Artists to lead the way.

I want to promote Natural Abstract Art. It must be natural. To say anything new, and express the ‘intensity of experience’, it must be abstract.  I am aiming to produce fine art abstract photography

So now I am attempting to become a fine art natural abstract photographer. Photography is now an essential part of my life, and I cannot imagine being without it. I want and expect to take photographs every day. But I want to share the results, and remind everybody what a wonderful place the Earth is.

I live in Oxfordshire with my wife Jane; we have two grown-up children and one grandson.



Barrie Dale is a primarily a scientist, but is also known for his painting and his music. All around him he sees nature being destroyed, to the point where it is possible to envisage none being left

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Until recently Barrie Dale saw himself simply as a nature photographer. Then, with nature being destroyed to the point where it was possible to envisage none being left, he also became a conservationist

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This picture was shortlisted in the Wildflower Landscapes category of IGPOTY 7


Promise Newly-Opened Flower of Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum). Commended in the Macro Art section, International Garden Photographer of the Year


This picture was shortlisted in the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition


Power Lines

Shapes in a spider’s web on seed-heads of Greater Burdock (Heracleum Sphondylium). Autumn sun rising. Commended in the ‘Wildlife in the Garden’ section of the Garden Photographer of the Year.



Seeking the Light

An elm bud reaches out confidently towards the morning light.  Commended  in the Plants Portraits section of the International Garden Photographer of the Year.