Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



Here is an example of clear natural abstract art. It is a high-magnification image of Phalaenopsis. I took it facing into afternoon sunlight. It is of a natural subject, taken in an entire natural way. I would have captured it the moment it appeared, without giving it conscious thought.. In retrospect, I can see that the concept of fire and heat and light would have a primitive attraction. This might have originated in primordial times. We all find comfort in the idea of a properly contained fire.

In an article published in issuu I stressed what I see as the need for abstract art based explicitly on nature –

I find the image highly evocative. The light in it has been transmitted through the petals. It has a different colour from the light reflected off the petals, which is what we normally see. In this case it has more orange in it than the pink of reflected light. And it appears, quite rightly, to come from within the petals, rather than from their surfaces. Both these aspects assist in making the light representative of heat. The petals appear to glow, as would a furnace.

The composition is based on a square anchored at the base, intersecting with a square at top right. The image is very simple. I put a great value on simplicity. It is also very intense; I put a great value on that too.

The image provides a good example of the way in which high magnification can transform a subject. A modest handling of the available light adds a further layer of transformation.

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I hope you have enjoyed exploring this example of clear natural abstract art.