Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

The Tree and the Mountain

The Tree and the Mountain

Here is an image that I am presenting as an example of elegant natural abstract art.  It is a photograph of Phalaenopsis, taken at high magnification, looking into afternoon sunlight.  

I remember taking it the moment it appeared, since it gave me such satisfaction.  I love mountains, and I love trees, but this the first of my images in which both have featured.  Most importantly, it has a strong sense of magic and mystery to it.  It is a very good example of the unexpected things that can happen when you focus on light filtering through such a complex object as a flower.  

One of the key messages I am trying to transmit is that what you think you see is not what is actually there.  Scientists know this, abstract artists assert it.  My images are, I hope, an illustration.  They are all of flowers, mostly of the same flower; but how would you know?  I now have hundreds of images of Phalaenopsis, almost all of them abstract, not resembling flowers.  What I am hoping is that they all show different, extremely detailed, aspect of the subject.  Collectively, I want them to be an expression of the spirit, rather than simply the visual appearance, of the flower.  If you could add them all together, would you have an extremely detailed representation of Phalaenopsis?  Whether you did or not, it would be as seen from many different directions, which is, of course what the Cubist artists said you should always try to do. 

Having said that, I realise that I am hoping that my work resonates with both the Cubists, led by Picasso, and the Abstract Expressionists, led by Kandinsky.  Please see my article –

The Tree and the Mountain is a photograph of a natural subject which clearly alludes to other natural objects.  I have said elsewhere that re-engaging with nature is essential for human beings, and I hope this image does that.  To see other images of this sort please visit the galleries at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:

 To appreciate the potential of high-magnification images please see –

Hope I you have enjoyed this example of elegant natural abstract art.