Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Hiding Place

Hiding Place

I am calling this enigmatic natural abstract art.  I must have found the image instantaneously attractive. It is certainly very strong. But I not clear about its meaning.  My first thought was that it conjured up the idea of pointing the way to somewhere to hide, although even that would be  puzzling.

The image is a high-magnification photograph of Phalaenopsis, looking into afternoon sunlight.   It has a lot of life and movement to it.  There is an energy-giving convergence towards an implied point, situated on a square hanging from the top of the picture. There are three components involved in the centre of interest – a crisp, curved line, a less crisp descending triangle, and a small soft smudge.  Together they make up a pleasing image, but with no apparent meaning.   I am always happy to invite viewers to find what they can in my images, and this may be the one where such an invitation is my only recourse.  

Paul Klee might say that there is some, unfathomable, reason why my sub-conscious found this image interesting.  It does express some sort of endeavour, with an unclear objective.  I always find expressions of endeavour attractive.  But I can’t at the moment go any further than seeing it as a piece of enigmatic natural abstract art.  The true origins of abstract art remain a mystery – please see

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