Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



Here is some enlivening natural abstract art.  It is called ‘Dawn on a Distant Hillside’. My images often seem to take us up into the hills and mountains.  I don’t plan this.  It simply happens. I choose an image only when it appears.  I must have a liking for being in the mountains.  

We are looking across a flower petal, focussing on its furthest edge.  We are facing into the light.  I like the way the light is catching individual cells on the petal edge, giving the impression of dawn,.  There is a life-giving freshness to dawn and to mountain air.  The shapes of the hills have a  pleasing rhythm. I like the way that light has crept below the horizon to define a second fold of hillside.  This second line converges on the first where the dawn is breaking.  In fact all lines in the picture converge upon the dawn.  

There are  small hairs and liquid droplets on the surface of petals.  These give a very good impression of a hillside covered in trees and bushes.  

There is both light and darkness in the sky.  I like the sense of infinite space beyond.  The shapes of the hills are echoed in some of the shapes in the sky.

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