Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

A Trace Upon the Fabric of Time

A Trace Upon The Fabric Of Time

Capturing Abstract Art.

This is an example of etherial natural abstract art.  It is a photograph of Phalaenopsis. I took it at high magnification, looking into afternoon sunlight.

I have called the image ‘A Trace Upon the Fabric of Time’. It is a record of an unique moment.  I could not repeat it . I would need to get the petals in exactly the same position. The light would also need to be the same.   I think that that would be impossible.  

You can see a few of the individual pigment cells. This creates one of the main points of interest.  

The image is highly lyrical.  To me it represents a state of mind. It may be one that is unobtainable.  There is lightness.  An absence of tension. Tranquility.  Movement that is gentle, relaxed and benign.  Comfort.   

It illustrates some of th surprising things that can happen in high-magnification photography.  I have given other examples in –

I know that for many people it would represent a human arm.  This is quite accidental and unimportant.

It would have appeared within a series of images during a search. Most images would have been random, arbitrary, prosaic. I would have captured this one immediately.  What would have been the appeal?  To me it signifies ‘active peace of mind’.   It represents tranquility and fulfilment.  I am assuming that that is what would have attracted me, instinctively, at the time.  Perhaps I was seeking that state of mind. I am hoping that it would have been my sub-conscious mind which found it appealing.  

It is, I think, a  good example of things that we are losing, both in terms of physical artefacts and as tranquil states of mind.  

Making Abstract Art Available

The image is registered with the Guild Society of Artists,, as a guarantee of authenticity.  

It is available as a signed, single-issue, high-quality, framed and mounted print.  Please see

I hope you have enjoyed this example of etherial natural abstract art.  

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