Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Through Flowery Meadows . .

Through Flowery Meadows

Natural Abstract Art

This is highly evocative natural abstract art.  It is a magnified image of the petals, and sepals, of Geranium pratense.  It is one of the few of my images that are not of Phalaenopsis or Dendrobium. I took it in the wild-flower meadow I have created, known as ‘Wildhaven’.

Capturing the Image

I know how the image came about.  It was during a high-magnification search. I was looking to combine petal edges to make pleasing designs.  This image appeared. I realised that it was something special.  To me, it depicted quite clearly, a path through flowery meadows up to distant clouded mountains. It had great impact for me. The world is seen as it might once have been, and will never be again. It is not clear now that the image is of Geranium pratense.  I captured the image the moment it appeared.  So, I need to work out why.  I suspect that I wanted to be there, strolling through those meadows, up towards those mountains. Given that it was captured so quickly, I do not believe it was a my conscious mind in charge.  It must have been instinctive.  I hope that Paul Klee would see why.

Relations to Nature

In an article published in issuu, I have argued that artists should be more explicit about the way in which their art depends on nature   I hope that people would see Through Flowery Meadows . . as a prime example.  Geranium pratense is a wildflower, growing wild, and its transformation here is into something intrinsically pastoral. I am showing more images of this sort in the galleries on this site, which are at the bottom of my ‘home’ page:


I am making the image is available as a signed, single-issue, high-quality print, mounted and framed to the highest standards.  Please see I have registered the image with the Guild Society of Artists..

I hope you have found evocative natural abstract art inspiring.