Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Edge of the Volcano

Edge of the Volcano

Fearsome Natural Abstract Art.

Here is some fearsome natural abstract art.  It refers to the edge of a volcano.  

A Love of Danger.

It is a strange thing about us humans.  We love to be made to feel afraid.  The makers of horror films and terror films have a ready market.  And we start young.  The books we give our children are full of terror and danger; witches, goblins, trolls, ogres, beasts, giants, gangsters. 

In line with this, we seem drawn to volcanoes.  They fascinate us, but we know we must must treat them with awe.  Despite the fact that they have wreaked much terror on us, we still live near them. We climb them when we can.  They have affected the history of the world many times. The spasm of fear seems to attract us.  

When I first saw this image it must have had the same effect on me.  We  have got close enough to the edge to be afraid.  But not too close.  We can feel the heat, so we know we dare not risk going further.  There is tension.  We are feeling very alive.  Running risks is fun.  We are not safe. This is exciting.  

Taking the Image

The image is a close-up photo of Dendrobium.  I took it looking into sunlight coming through a gap in the curtains.  So only the edges of petals are in the light.  It is, again, an example of the surprises that come with close-up photography In close-up work the camera can focus on only a thin slice of the image.  This gives depth to the photo.  There is the edge, and then the great bowl of molten rock beyond.  

I value simplicity.  This image could not be more simple. 

It also supports my claim that we can still find much art in natural forms.


I have collected many images of this sort in my galleries at  You should be able to find more fearsome natural abstract art there. I am making them all available as single-issue prints, mounted and framed