Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



The Message of Genial Abstract Art.

This is genial natural abstract art.  It is called ‘Return’.  Returning implies fulfilment.  When we set out on a journey, an adventure, an expedition, we can be fortified by the thought of returning.  Or it may be the return of someone else.  A friend, a partner, a lover, a child.  So, the thought of returning evokes good feelings.


The colours of the image are typical of Phalaenopsis.  Red or pink are too obvious as colours for flowers.  This colour is a greyed purple or mauve.  It falls well short of the imperial tones of Tyrian Purple, beloved of Roman emperors. It is partly the effect of photographing into sunlight.  The camera is examining the shade-side of the flower.  I find it a reassuring, non-aggressive colour.


The lines in the images are the main interest.  They are all curved.  This is the usual indicator of natural forms.  I want them to be seen clearly as being ‘of Nature’,   Please see    There is variety in the lines.  Some of them a crisp, some soft.  They interact with each other, creating energy.  


Unconsciously, I have based the composition on two squares.  One is set on the left-hand edge, the other on the right.  I cannot explain why this happens so frequently.  All my images ‘come as a surprise to me’ during extended searches.  I am not aware that I am ‘composing’ the image at the time.  

Capturing Genial Natural Abstract Art

I took this image of Phalaenopsis at high magnification.  The camera was pointing into afternoon sunlight.  I hope the image will be seen as an abstract.  I doubt whether it is recognisable as Phalaenopsis.  You might possibly be able to recognise it as a flower.  The important point is that the image conveys a message that is not floral.  I responded instantaneously to an un-expected image.  I hope that this renders the image abstract.  So, I hope that it is genial natural abstract art.  Please see