Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Abstract Art in Grassland

Abstract Art In Grassland

This is gramineous natural abstract art.  It is a close-up image of ‘False Oat Grass’.  I took it looking into the light. 

I love this image.  It is clearly of a grass; you can see the the details of the flower head, the leaves, the stem.   So, it is representational.  I think it captures the spirit of the plant well.  But at the same time it makes a potent abstract.  

There are strong contrasts between crisp lines and soft lines; between weighty masses and feathery items; between different directions of movement.  This movement is mainly upwards towards top left, running against the natural movement of the eye, and so making itself felt; creating life and also tension. The main  sense of movement is opposed by a single, strong bar pointing upwards towards the right. So there is balance.  All movement is upwards, lively, and positive.   

I like the simple colour, a monochrome green.  Looking into the light tends to lead to this sort of simplicity.

Grasses have been very important in human development.   Almost all cereals are grasses, as are bamboo and sugar cane.  With other flowering plants, they came into being in the Cretaceous period, about 60 million years ago.  So they have been on the planet rather longer than we have.  They are highly competitive, and can adapt to a wide range of climates.  They are thus adept at taking over large tracts of land.  

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