Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



Here is some linear natural abstract art.  All art is defined by the quality of its lines.  John Ruskin was able to trace the trajectory of Turner’s career by inspecting the lines in his work.  Great artists can be identified by the quality of their linear drawings. With a great artists a line will vary in character along its length, providing continual interest.  Artists of the late Stone Age convince us of their competence through their linear drawings.    See the illustrations in Then look at the drawings of Raphael, Leonardo, Rembrandt, Picasso. Lines are fundamental to visual art.

I find lines fascinating, but it is rare for an image to concern itself with nothing else.  The image here does exactly that.  Lines define journeys or trajectories.  They have differing energies, depending on length or orientation. Lines can stop, start, become more or less definite.  They can be straight, curved, undulating.  With multiple lines, possibilities multiply.  Lines may lay parallel, converge, diverge, intersect, attract each other, repel each other, each arrangement conveying a different energy.

In close-up images of flowers there are lines in abundance, defining the edges of petals and stems.  None of them are straightforward.  The edge of a petal is almost always serrated, and then there may be all sorts of undulations.  The image I have selected here has the benefit of simplicity, with just one region of interaction, and appears to depict a set of ribbons.  

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Linear natural abstract art is a most fundamental art.