Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



This is an example of passionate natural abstract art.  It is a photo of the ‘Bamboo Orchid’.  I have called it ‘Approaching the Heart’.   

I hope the image carries a positive message.  It is simple and direct.  The main colour is warm. There is life and movement. The subject stands out well, and is well placed.  

Getting to the heart of any matter is vital.  This is where the inner truth will be.  We take the heart to be the seat of passion.  It is the centre of emotional and spiritual feeling.  If you are not happy there, you are in trouble.  Rational thought takes place elsewhere.  In humans, the ‘heart’ usually overrules any other source of thinking.  It is quite difficult to be satisfied simply on the basis of rational thought.  Also, it is difficult to persuade others simply by force of reason. So for any course of action to turn out well you must pursue it with passion.  You must persuade the heart.  

For humans to progress they must become passionate about those things that decide their future.  Reason may not be enough.

I try hard in my work to reject rational thought.  I hope that my pictures appeal to something deeper than the intellect.  

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