Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Figure Within the Marble

Figure Within the Marble

Statuesque Natural Art.

Here is some statuesque natural abstract art.  The title here, ‘Figure Within the Marble’, is what people say about great sculptors.  Great sculptors have to look at a priceless piece of perfect marble and see in it the figure they are about to sculpt.  Failure to do so would ruin the marble.  There are no second chances.  You have to be able to ‘see’ what isn’t there.

I would like viewers to feel the same about this image.  There is very little detail.  Most of the space is empty, waiting to be filled with a viewer’s thoughts.  There is a strong edge, the suggestion of a figure, and a lot of texture.  The edge is sloping downward slightly, suggesting movement, with a small break at one point. I hope this is enough to get you started.  The action is all at the top of the image.  I want this to give the sense of a great weight of marble underneath, ready to be brought to life.  

I hope the image has ‘presence’

Some Examples

Michelangelo’s unfinished sculptures, ’The Prisoners’, in the ‘Accademia’ in Florence, are the most powerful sculptures I know of.  Because they are unfinished, the subjects appear to be struggling to escape from the stone. I found this very moving. They show something of how a sculptor has to work to realise the ‘figure in the marble’.   

‘Seeing what isn’t there’ is a key theme of my work.  What we see is not what is there.  It is all abstract.  And one honest abstraction is as valid as any other. They all contain some truth.  None of them contain the whole truth.  

Images of Flowers

The image is a close-up image of a white flower.  It matters not which flower.  It does not look like any one flower.  

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