Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



This is striking natural abstract art. It is a close-up photo of an orchid, Dendrobium

Flowers as Natural Abstract Art.

When I first found this flower I knew it would make good images.  It showed two colours. Light reflected from the petals was pink.  Light passing through them was orange.  So you could choose.  One, or the other, or both.   

In the image, it looks as if something has landed on a shiny surface.  We don’t know what the something is.  It also has a double or a ghost.  This is one of the joys of this sort of work.  I like the mystery.  I like taking photos of things that never happened.  

The image has a positive feel to it.  I like the freshness and the clean colour.  I like the way in which the object is set apart by the background.  There is energy here.  There was some action at first, but it has now stopped.  This may be just a pause.  The energy has been kept.  The object is only just touching the surface.  It can float away at any moment.  So there is a lightness.  This reminds me of the art of ballet.

The object has landed on the edge of a square based on the left-hand side of the image.  A square based on the right-hand side cuts through the trailing edge.  Thus the image is balanced.  I like the fact that there is much space on the right for the motion to continue.  

The image is of a flower, but does not seem to be.  But it does seem to be natural.  The clue is in the single cells which you can see.  This is vital.  Close-up images tend to be abstract, but I need to show the link to nature.  Please see –

Other Examples

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