Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Long is the Path and Winding the Way

Long is the Path and Winding the Way

This image is an example of tortuous natural abstract art.  It shows a journey.  I’m always likely to capture an image that speaks of a journey.  This one is tortuous.  Life is a journey, and for most people it is tortuous.  So there is a strong resonance with reality here.

The image is a high-magnification photograph of Phalaenopsis, taken looking into afternoon sunlightI would have captured it instantaneously, during a search through a sequence of arbitrary images.  Please see – us/ In the few milliseconds it took me to capture the image, I remember deciding to render parts of the image out-of-focus, to make the path a ‘lost and found line’, and to provide variety – so I allowed a small element of conscious thought to be involved.   I like ‘lost and found’ lines because they invite my viewers to get involved. I have also allowed the line to go in and out of the picture, which adds to the effect.

The image is of nature, taken naturally. I have argued for the importance of this in my article –

I am strongly attracted to the concept of lines.  They imply journeys.  Journeys are interesting, enlightening, and frequently enjoyable; much more so than destinations, which are often disappointing.

As an experiment, I took the image at a lower magnification than usual.  Fortuitously, this made the picture, as it allowed me to include plenty of path.     

The image is available as a signed, single-issue, print, mounted and framed to the highest standards.  Please see –

It is registered with the Guild Society of Artists, to ensure authenticity.  

I hope you have enjoyed looking at what I have called tortuous natural abstract art. 

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